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a podcast elsewhere a half-hour of truly amazing electronic music A podcast elsewhere will take you on a journey to the furthest reaches of electronic music and, optionally, back again. Close your eyes and join me for an aural exploration of this world and elsewhere. elsewhere Travis Carney no a podcast elsewhere - a half-hour of truly amazing electronic music Tue, 17 Jul 2018 08:00:34 -0700 en-us Copyright 2005-2018 elsewhere 60 a podcast elsewhere a podcast elsewhere a podcast elsewhere 144 100 Show 5 - 2005.08.23 <A HREF=""><IMG alt="Download the MP3" src="" border="0"></A><BR><BR><BR> <P>This episode of a podcast elsewhere is a special one. This is the first guest DJ set featured on this podcast. From the beginning, I had intended to use guest mixes as well as my own mixes on the show, so this is the first of the former.</P><BR> <P>This show features a fantastic breaks set by my very good friend, <A HREF=""><FONT color="#0000ff">DJ Sustenance</FONT></A>. His track listing and show notes are below.</P> <P></P><BR> <P><B>track listing</B></P><BR> <P><U>PMT - Gyromancer (Stanton Warriors Remix)</U><BR>This is a popular track from back in 2000 that recently got revitalized with a series of remixes by current artists. All the new mixes are pretty cool; I went with the Stanton Warriors Remix because it is heavily laden with studio effects, and that is the type of sound I intended to highlight in this set.</P><BR> <P><U>Gilbey - 8 Bit Style (Rennie Pilgrem's Hum Remix)</U><BR>This is a recent record that hearkens back to the early days of sound processing and illustrates how far electronic music has come. The original work is by DJ Barry Gilbey, with a smoothly polished remix by breaks dignitary Rennie Pilgrem.</P><BR> <P><U>DJ Quest - F**k Knows</U><BR>This track is a really creative piece of music. It amazes me that such a great groove could be distilled from what seems to have been a rather random collection of tones. It's like some kind of freaky sonic alchemy. I was looking for something to bridge the distance between the retro 8 bit vibe and the ultra-experimental record I had lined up next, and this one fit the bill nicely.</P><BR> <P><U>Andy Page - Mr. Rush</U><BR>Andy Page is a technical wizard from Tasmania of all places, and he goes absolutely nuts on this track, morphing sounds and relentlessly careening the beat in every imaginable direction. This is definitely one of the boldest, most far-out pieces of music I've ever heard, which is why I included it here.</P><BR> <P><U>Plump DJs - Acid Hustle</U><BR>The Plumps have been kings of the funky synthesizer-breaks sound ever since they ignited the trend with A Plump Night Out back in 2001. Four years later, they're still innovating and going strong. This track is one of many brilliant cuts from their newest album, Saturday Night Lotion.</P> Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:16:40 -0700 a podcast elsewhere dj electronic electronica breaks breakbeat psychedelic trance funky house trippy Show 4 - 2005.07.21 <A HREF=""><IMG alt="Download the MP3" src="" border="0"></A><BR><BR><BR> <P>Two in one month. I don't quite know what's gotten into me. In this show, I go back to the old format with voiceovers.</P> <P></P><BR> <P><B>track listing</B></P><BR> <P><U>Soul Coughing - Mr. Bitterness</U><BR>Michael Doughty is a brilliantly clever song writer. I definitely recommend checking out his albums. This is a song I first heard very late at night and quite a bit less than sober. The next morning, I discovered "elsewhere" written on my arm.</P><BR> <P><U>Breakcore 1</U><BR>The title is about all I know about this track (though I'm not even sure if it's the title or the name of the artist). It came on the B side of a white-label that I bought, and I haven't been able to find out much else about it.</P><BR> <P><U>Freq Nasty - Boomin' Back Atcha (Freq Nasty's Nu-Skool Mix)</U><BR>There's no good excuse for not having played you any Freq Nasty before today. Definitely one of my all-time favorites, and this track gets me dancing every time. This also happens to be the record depicted in the photograph at the top of and in the iTunes banner.</P><BR> <P><U>Freestylers - Boom Blast (Deekline and Wizard feat. Yolanda Remix)</U><BR>Just an all-around great track. The original mix is very good too, but the style of this mix seemed to fit better with the set.</P><BR> <P><U>Hybrid - Higher Than a Skyscraper (Freq Nasty Remix)</U><BR>Just couldn't resist throwing in a little more Freq Nasty. This remix bears almost no resemblance whatsoever to the original Hybrid track, with the exception of the orchestration during the bridge and at the end.</P><BR> <P><U>Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing<BR></U>Basement Jaxx has a knack for doing something completely different each time. Some I love. Some, not so much. This is a good one.</P> Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:15:30 -0700 a podcast elsewhere dj electronic electronica breaks breakbeat psychedelic trance funky house trippy Show 3 - 2005.07.02 <A HREF=""><IMG alt="Download the MP3" src="" border="0"></A><BR><BR><BR> <P>At long last, a new episode of the podcast is ready. As you'll hear, I've decided to format this one a bit differently. Rather than telling you the track listing in the recording, I'm just publishing it here for you to take a look at. Recording it seemed a bit redundant, and I think my voiceover disrupts the flow of the music.</P> <P></P><BR> <P><B>track listing</B></P><BR> <P><U>Introduction</U><BR>The first thing you hear is from an old record called Here Comes the Circus that I found at a used book store. The Japanese track after that is called Mushi no Aikata (Insect Interlude). It was performed by Nihon Ongaku Shudan (Ensemble Nipponia) with vocals by Ayako Handa. If it sounds oddly familiar to you, you've probably heard part of it sampled in the film, Blade Runner.</P><BR> <P><U>Yahel Sherman - Reality</U><BR>This is a great track off of the Kinetic Records Tsunami compilation. Like many of my older records that have made the trip out to Burning Man a few times, this one was a bit dusty, so my apologies for the pops here and there.</P><BR> <P><U>Shpongle - When Shall I Be Free</U><BR>I was originally planning an all-breaks show for this episode, but decided to go with a more psychedelic feel to celebrate the release of the latest Shpongle album, Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost. If you haven't heard it yet, definitely do so. It's perhaps best expressed in the words of my good friend, DJ Psychotropic: "It's so good that I look back on my life before I heard it and pity myself. I am now more complete as a human being for having heard it."</P><BR> <P><U>Cosmic Baby - Loops of Infinity (Tripomatic Fairytales Remix)</U><BR>I hadn't played this record in a couple years, but decided to dust it off and give it another listen. It's an old one from 1994, but I still like it.</P><BR> <P><U>Hallucinogen - Jiggle of the Sphinx</U><BR>Hallucinogen is another of Simon Posford's brilliant projects (along with Shpongle). This is the last track on the album, The Lone Deranger. There's a small warning label on the back of the album that reads, "Not all of these albums contain evil vinyl, but some do." That about sums it up, I'd say.</P> Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:14:25 -0700 a podcast elsewhere dj electronic electronica breaks breakbeat psychedelic trance funky house trippy Show 2 - 2005.05.18 <A HREF=""><IMG alt="Download the MP3" src="" border="0"></A><BR><BR><BR> <P>I apologize for the long delay between shows. I've been out of town, and this one's definitely way overdue. This show is a little faster paced than the first podcast. The style will probably be a little different for each episode.</P> <P></P><BR> <P><B>track listing</B></P><BR> <P><U>Bernard Hermann - The Day the Earth Stood Still (main title theme)</U><BR>This is the main theme from the 1951 film. The next track samples it throughout, so I decided to start off with the original here.</P><BR> <P><U>Timo Maas - Help Me (Deep Dish Ska - Dish Dub Mix)</U><BR>I like this mix of the track, but unfortunately, it leaves out most of Kelis's vocal lines.</P><BR> <P><U>Odessi - Moments of Space</U><BR>I first heard this in a Sandra Collins set from 2000 and loved it right away. It's featured on the Anthony Pappa Global Underground.</P><BR> <P><U>DJ Skip - Euphony E.P. (David Duriez Plastic Music Remix)</U><BR>DJ Collette spins this on her album, Our Day. I love the hook in the middle.</P><BR> <P><U>Unknown - Jim</U><BR>This is a white-label called Jim and Jimmi. The other side of the record has an electronica version of Purple Haze. That track is produced by Fluffer 1, but I couldn't tell you if they also produced this track. The first half of the track (that I ended up not mixing in) has a lot of Jim Morrison's William Blake-inspired poetry. Very cool track.</P><BR> <P><U>Funk4Sale - Ocean Games</U><BR>Funk4Sale is the same group of people that made the on-line Flash game, <A HREF="" target="_blank"><FONT color="#0000ff">Banja</FONT></A>. In fact, in the game, you can listen to records in your juke box, and that's where I first heard this track. Fortunately, they also sold the non-virtual version of the vinyl.</P> Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:13:22 -0700 a podcast elsewhere dj electronic electronica breaks breakbeat psychedelic trance funky house trippy Show 1 - 2005.04.30 <A HREF=""><IMG alt="Download the MP3" src="" border="0"></A><BR><BR><BR> <P>Welcome to the first episode of a podcast elsewhere. I'm going to try to keep these relatively short - around a half hour or so, and I'm going to try to keep the talking to a minimum so you can enjoy the music. Please check here for details about the sets, or e-mail me at <A HREF=""><FONT color="#0000ff"></FONT></A>.</P><BR> <P><B>track listing</B></P><BR> <P><U>Shpongle - Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness (Esionjim Remix)</U><BR>A remix of one of one of my favorite Shpongle tracks by Esionjim. This is on the Shpongle Remixed LP that was released in 2003 on Twisted records.</P><BR> <P><U>Space Manoevres - Stage Two (Total Separation Mix)</U><BR>The pre-flight checklist at the beginning is actually the intro to the Pariah's Shadow Lounging mix of this track. I mixed that into the Total Separation mix, which is my favorite. Like I mention on the show, I first heard this track and the next one (Requiem) from Scott Bond's Essential Mix in 2000. Space Manoeuvres Stage One and Stage Two are part of a three disc set. I ended up having to track down all of them before I finally found the mix I was looking for. These came out in 1999 on Hooj Choons.</P><BR> <P><U>Madagascar - Requiem</U><BR>This track brings a little tear to my eye every time I hear it. The sample on the bridge of the track was recorded by astronaut Dave Scott on the Apollo 15 mission. Brilliant. This was published on the Coda label, also in 1999.</P><BR> <P><U>SFB and Slide - Kill Bill</U><BR>This one is a white label, and I don't really know too much about it, but definitely cool. It came out in 2004.</P> Mon, 15 Sep 2014 11:12:11 -0700 a podcast elsewhere dj electronic electronica breaks breakbeat psychedelic trance funky house trippy